Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

General guidelines

  • After wearing, wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth.
  • Put on your jewellery last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.
  • Store your jewellery pieces separately, in a jewellery box or in jewellery pouches, to avoid scratching.
  • Be sure to observe the special cautions listed here with regards to caring for your silver jewellery.


Notes on cleaning silver jewellery:

Most jewellery pieces are easily cleaned with a liquid detergent solution. For silver jewellery, it is best to use a mild cleaner without bleaching agents or ammonia.

Soak the items in a very warm solution of water and detergent, then rinse. A gentle brushing, such as with a soft toothbrush, can be used to loosen stubborn dirt. Don’t soak sterling silver for too long, as it can change some oxidised finishes.

Avoid using anything with abrasives or bleach. Both will damage silver. Don’t use toothpaste, scouring powder, or creamy opaque cleaners, as these will often contain abrasives.



Some materials and gemstones are especially vulnerable to damage from ammonia or any hot solution – turquoise, peridot, pearls, malachite, jet, coral and mother of pearl, for example.